Fundamental declaration with regard to quality and energy policies

F. A. Schurig GmbH & Co. KG Großröhrsdorf has been a manufacturer and distributor of textile, woven ribbons since 1863. As an established company, we maintain our own, high quality requirements with regard to both ourselves and our production of decorative ribbons: The management of quality and energy is one of our key principles and is always taken into account in the individual processes!

For this reason, we as management, have developed our own mission statement for this sector of the company. We stand up for our principles at all times and we encourage even new employees to maintain our mission statement.


A well organised business process and constant stimulation, control and monitoring of all processes and tasks within the company are the instruments we use to safeguard the quality of our services plus a high level of economy combined with as low an energy expenditure as possible. We therefore check our processes regularly and take both customer and employee feedback seriously!

 Quality control

We, as F. A. Schurig GmbH & Co. KG Großröhrsdorf, are happy to meet the necessary quality requirements as required by our customers, and take all the steps needed to guarantee the quality standards our products must fulfil. We do not just adopt this for our own work, but also for the services of our sub-contractors and suppliers. F. A. Schurig implements a quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 (since December 2009) which has been certified by DQS GmbH and IQNet.


From our point of view, the majority of energy is wasted by sending products around the globe unnecessarily. Our products are produced in Germany, primarily for the German and Central European market. In this way, our products travel considerably shorter distances than products made in Asia. We also pay attention to ensure that our raw materials suppliers are also only a short distance away. 

By purchasing energy efficient products and services, energy-related services can be improved. For example, our heat recovery plants ensure that the heat generated during our process cycle is recovered. To this effect, our technological processes are constantly optimised and further developed.

Proximity to customers

In consultation and communication with all of our customers, we specify the quality criteria of the products we sell and introduce improvements whenever necessary. Communication with you is very important to us!


The source of the success of our company is our employees. All employees are involved in both the safeguarding of the quality standards as well as in the improvement of energy-related services. They individually take on clearly defined responsibilities alongside the general responsibility for design: Responsibilities for the monitoring of quality criteria and well as the control of the energy parameters to be maintained and thus for the influencing of the manufacturing processes. We encourage all of our employees to be autonomous and encourage the contemplation of their own actions with regard to quality and energy consumption. They are regularly further educated and have the latest knowledge and abilities at their fingertips. We want our employees, by way of their conduct, to model the philosophy of the company and make it more understandable. This requires comprehensive communication and transparency within the company.

With these basic principles with regard to quality and energy policies, the management and all employees pledge to carry out their tasks in accordance with the quality/energy policies and the specifications of the QM/EnM documentation. This also ensures that the quality of all products of F. A. Schurig GmbH & Co. KG meets customer requirements. We do, of course, proof our quality and energy policies regularly and update them as required in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.